Acquire ancient knowledge including empowering supernatural tools for self-healing and helping others with these courses. Learn meditation for beginners, intermediate and advanced post-doctorate divine channels the masters of the east practiced themselves including Jesus, Buddha, Babaji, Shirdi Sai Baba, Sri Kaleshwar, and many more. You too can be like and even do greater things than the highest souls who have walked this earth! They predicted it and set that time up to be now.

Many people come for healing and some are so inspired from their miraculous experiences they desire to learn how the miracle energy works. You do not have to have anything wrong to receive a transmission of divine energy to your soul and receive healing. These channels are about reaching the highest places in meditation and in your life that you never dreamed possible. Whether you are just interested in receiving healings or whether you are interested in taking the next step and learning the ancient knowledge that was written in palm leaves that empowers, uplifts and can transform your whole life, I am here to support you and your spiritual growth to the highest extent you would like to go! Would you like to help others? Or would you like to be able to help them better than you ever have in ways that facilitate the discovery and fulfillment of their highest potential and divine purpose(including yours)? If yes, I want to work with you!

These are the top teachings the masters of the east practiced themselves including Jesus, Buddha, and a whole lineage of saints. No joke. You know a tree by its fruit…I am living proof. If I could go from being a Big 4 auditor and doing this in my spare time to then earning the equivalent of a PhD and then becoming a Soul Doctor giving miraculous healings as an instrument of the divine that defies medical science, think what you can do!

This is rare to have this easy kind of access to such high divine information. Sometimes when things are so easily available, they are taken for granted. What most people do not know is that the greatest masters historically did not or could not teach publically their private processes. It is your good karma and luck that this knowledge is now available to you so easily and that I have have been given permission to share it with you. Historically this information has not made it to the west, in fact some of this ancient knowledge is finally being made available again in the west only after 2,000 years. I challenge you to not delay even one day but step forward and lean in to learn and empower yourself with the highest spiritual knowledge available in the west now!

You have an extra-ordinary opportunity available to you now through this ancient empowering knowledge. I was certified directly by Swamiji Kaleshwar. He told me directly that he gave me permission to share all the knowledge.

Most people didn’t notice but we have shifted into a new yuga (era) called the Sai yuga. Sai means truth. We are experiencing a 1,000 year break from the Kali Yuga where humanity seems to have been furthest from the truth. The Kali yuga was marked by the height of materialism…and I would add selfishness, not selflessness. This Sai yuga is about being honest. It all starts here.

Two things are needed now in spiritualty in this age: power and love.
Knowledge is power. Empower yourself today and give yourself the gift of this knowledge to make a difference first in your life. I invite you to be the change with me. Swamiji Kaleshwar who is the lineage bearer of this extra-ordinary knowledge said that “Without power, the shakti, we cannot help the majority of people even if we’re talking so great. We need to give energy strokes, to have a strong impact on the people to fall in love with God, to grow that love forever and ever. In the world, 90% of the good talkers can’t give the satchitananda ‘bliss’. You need to give the people experiences, the shakti, and through their experiences, the bhakti, the love, is born.”

I offer classes, retreats, and leads groups to India for Power Journeys to teach this ancient knowledge in the holy cities in which this knowledge was written and transferred. Please see Events for a list of upcoming scheduled classes. I am available to teach courses both privately and for large groups. Group discounts are available. If you organize a group of 10 or more people, you can attend for free!

Below is some information about a few of the courses currently being offered:


Five Elements Course in Meditation:
Foundation for the Highest Spiritual Channels

The Five Elements Process is the doorway through which miracles are possible and is the foundation of all the ancient knowledge Juleann inherited from saint Sri Kaleshwar. The five elements: earth, fire, sky (ether), water and air are the five pillars of creation. This process brings the highest peace, opens the heart, creates protection circles around you, provides self-healing and decharging techniques essential for health not just physically but it also helps heal the heart, lifts your soul, and increases willpower and mental clarity. Your mind naturally becomes peaceful and relaxed, enabling you to meditate easily. Wisdom grows spontaneously and your life automatically becomes more successful. You learn how use divine power through the elements to heal stress, depression, mental and physical disorders, send healing energy over long distances, open channels that enable you to communicate with the angels, draw-in prosperity, create positive protection circles around you, and more. Wisdom grows spontaneously and your life automatically becomes more successful. You learn a total of ten meditations to ‘charge’ your soul with the energy of the elements which purifies and charges the elements in you and heals you. Once you are charged with each element, symptoms appear indicating you are charged and are aligned with that element’s energy and you can then use it to help others. All miracles happen through the five elements’ energy. Ultimately, through advanced techniques to command on the five elements, you can become a siddha, a supernatural saint.

*This is a prerequisite course for the advanced teachings. You may attend any class at anytime, however prior to doing any of the meditations, it will be required for you to at least start this process if you want them to work.

This course is not required to receive the super short cut 9-part Womb Chakra healing purification series.



Womb Chakra Course
The Chakra Beyond All Chakras (This is an essential course in spirituality)

The Womb Chakra Process is an ancient healing system that is relevant and essential for both men and women and has not been publicly taught in 2,000 years. The Womb Chakra is the most sacred place in your body, a supreme source of spiritual energy, clarity, and power; when it is purified and strengthened, we can transform relationships and do wonders in the world. It contains all your karmas: all your experiences from the moment your soul was created. You have karmic connections with everyone you have ever exchanged bodily fluids with and if there are too many partners or you even had one negative experience or trauma, your soul is disturbed which negatively affects your life. The Womb Chakra process teaches you how you can tear down the negative energetic walls that have been blocking your true happiness and real success while disturbing you with or without your notice. This process helps you attract your soulmate through purifying your desire/kama energy hidden in your womb chakra. Come learn how you can heal your life and can help others too. The Womb Chakra process has many benefits including:

  • Purify and strengthen your Womb Chakra
  • Wash out past karmas
  • Heal relationships
  • Heal heartbreak
  • Heal illness
  • Heal sexual abuse
  • Disconnect unwanted sexual energy
  • Connect wanted energy
  • Create a spiritual genius baby
  • Reconnect and pull Mother Divine
  • Balance teenager’s energy
  • Receive abilities like Jesus

“How do you need to protect your womb chakra? You got a super crazy disease. A health disease means you disturbed your womb chakra. A snakebite has happened, you need to heal it; just go hit the womb chakra. A person got heartbroken ten times; hit the womb chakra. The Creation chakra, hit it, make it fresh again. Now is it clear? So, the whole the energy is to change the kama energy creation hidden in your womb in a positive way.” – Sri Kaleshwar
*Healings with the womb chakra to clear your karmas and bless you in 9 sessions are available. Please enquire for more information if interested.



Kaleshwara Vaastu
How You Can Transform Your Life Spiritually and Materially

The law of gravity affects us whether we believe it or not; Vaastu holds the same principle of science and affects our life spiritually and materially through our health, wealth, relationships, and more through the Five Elements and the directions.



In an introductory Kaleshwara Vaastu course you will learn:

  1. Basic Kaleshwara Vaastu principles of creation & nature
  2. Examples of the scientifically tested and proven principles of Vaastu
  3. How you can live in harmony with and influence the nature through the directions and 5 Elements for your spiritual and material success via Kaleshwara Vaastu


Vaastu is the source bank of ancient scientific knowledge from which Feng Shui was derived. Kaleshwara Vaastu is the top and most updated Vaastu for this time in 2012. The principles of Vaastu can fix 80% of life’s problems, including illness, financial hardship, relationship problems, and more.

There is a natural order and structure to creation and Vaastu sets forth the principles. Vaastu teaches how we are affected by the nature (Five Elements of earth, fire, sky, water, and air and the directions, N+S+E+W) and how to live in harmony with, while also influencing the nature to work for our benefit. Come learn empowering knowledge how you can change your karma and be happy while being prosperous by changing your Vaastu.

Kaleshwara Vaastu offers a new insight and teachings that are not available in other traditions. Vaastu is the forerunner to Feng Shui yet Kaleshwara Vaastu is more effective and more sustainable for reasons we will explore in the class.

Come learn how good Kaleshwara Vaastu can bring good health, spiritual success, financial prosperity, happiness, peace, and harmony in relationships, and more while bad Vaastu can lead to supreme failure including illness, accidents, relationship problems, no success, debt, inability to gather or hold onto money, legal problems, defamation of character, no peace, unhappiness, and more.

This class will introduce the Kaleshwara Vaastu basics. This exciting Vedic science that has been proven over thousands of years, teaches how we can most effectively build and move in spaces in which we live, worship, and work in a surprisingly short time. Kaleshwara Vaastu is intended to help humanity be happy and live in harmony with nature. Learn how anyone can transform their life and therefor their karma by changing their Vaastu.

Along with these classes above, more teachings are available including:

  • 9 Arrows New Moon Process
  • 9 Cross Chakra Process
  • Brahma Consciousness and Yoga Nidra Divine Sleep Process
  • Healing and Decharging Techniques
  • Jesus Channels
  • Jesus Yantra
  • Kala Chakra
  • Maha Kala Chakra Process
  • Maha Kali Full Moon Process
  • Maha Panchabutas Process
  • Mother Divine
  • Paramashiva Yoga
  • Shiva
  • Shiva Prakshalana Process
  • Sri Chakra Process
  • Universal Womb Process