Below are the services Soul Doctor Juleann offers and locations where they are available:
Private healing sessions All In person in California/or over the phone via long distance to anywhere on the globe
Teachings/workshops Private or Group California, Massachusetts, India
Retreats Private or Group California, Massachusetts, India
Speaking engagements All Anywhere on the globe

To reserve a private healing session, teaching, retreat, or speaking engagement with Juleann, please call +001 310.869.4617 USA or email Juleann

For every problem, there are two solutions:

  • Natural: medical doctor, psychologist, acupuncture, diets, chemotherapy, traditional medicine, surgery, etc.
  • Supernatural: shifting energy using Divine assistance to create healing on a soul level that includes mind/body and heart.


I am a Soul Doctor in Alternative Medicine and use the supernatural solution as an instrument of God’s power and love to:

  • Give sacred supernatural soul healings as an instrument of the Divine
  • Share divine teachings of ancient knowledge and meditation, and how to self heal and heal others using spiritual processes the saints & maharishis used to gain their enlightenment & spiritual abilities
  • Speak publically about my experiences in witnessing to the impossible made possible and inspire others to discover the power that is within all equally


I received the knowledge of the teachings of Jesus and Buddha and also other top eastern masters of how to give supernatural healings that include healing at the root level that include purifying, balancing and strengthening the mind/body, heart and soul. I not only give healings that have had extraordinary results but I also teach and empower others how to be healed and heal too.

I happily share this ancient, sacred knowledge of meditations that I have learned from saint Sri Sai Kaleshwar of India, to whom I give great thanks. He graciously showed and continues to help me connect me to the highest guru, the guru within. He taught to share all with all and to help ever and hurt never. I now speak openly about my direct experiences of connecting with the divine and seeing angels with my eyes open and closed, with the hope to help lead others to have their own direct experiences of the divine.

This ancient knowledge of supernatural healing and connecting with angels (and so much more) has historically been reserved for the noble and rich and now, after 2,000 years, this powerful sacred knowledge has resurfaced and is finally being made available to all. For to love all, serve all. I have been and continue to witness to countless miraculous healings through my practice that is blooming as a Soul Doctor. I, along with those I have and continue to work with, do not just believe, we know anything is possible because of our direct experiences! My religion is truth and love. I follow in the Spirit of the master’s footsteps and seek to be of service to humanity by loving everyone who shows up in my life. We are all one race, the human race, and we are all equal.

The real question for all of us on this path of enlightenment is…Who am I? Once we know who we are, then we automatically know why we are here, and loving and serving comes naturally with ease and grace because we are happily in alignment with our soul’s purpose. If we choose to listen to the voice inside our heart that is the voice of the soul, we would never get lost and always be led in the right direction. This soul healing work and teaching I do as an instrument of the Divine is to help people awaken to their true self, which springs forth true, lasting happiness with no side effects.

These are the teachings, healings, and meditations the highest masters of the east practiced. This is priceless knowledge and the infinite value of it is only known upon exercising it and sharing it with an open and pure heart. Welcome to the highest divine meditation channels available to the west. Your good karma has led you here to receive the power of the highest divine love…