Juleann is a professional, passionate, and engaging speaker and intuitive coach who is inspiring public and private audiences across the USA and at her home base in Los Angeles. She is awakening crowds by sharing the wisdom of ancient and empowering knowledge being released for the first time in 2,000 years in the west. She lives and teaches the tools and techniques the greatest masters and saints used to gain their enlightenment and abilities. Juleann enjoys giving her gifts as a Soul Doctor by combining healing and teaching with love through live audience experiences and working one-on-one with those who are serious (yet lighthearted) about reaching the highest stages of enlightenment. She loves her work as an intuitive coach to help people to reach beyond their goals to expand their capacity to the highest extent possible and fulfill their divine purpose. She continues to see her clients’ lives be transformed beyond their wildest dreams and it makes everyone happy.

The best Olympic athletes have coaches and so too, with the highest divine knowledge, having Juleann as a coach will help you go further faster. With over 20 years of experience and training, Juleann teaches ways to inspire growth, embrace change, and how to bring out the best in people to achieve the highest success with balance, health, and true happiness using the four pillars of creation: truth, right action, peace and love. Juleann shares about her direct transformational experiences in witnessing to the impossible made possible to help motivate change and much more. She also helps inspire people uncover, discover, and grow the power and potential seeded in each person to fulfill their divine purpose. For the power of one contains the power to change the universe.

Juleann’s private practice of weekly Intuitive Coaching sessions is based out of her office in Los Angeles. She has clients all over the globe and provides distance coaching sessions to those in and out of the area. As her clients advance through the stages of enlightenment and learn the meditations from the enlightened masters, she provides personal support and guides her ‘extended family’ (as she calls her clients) across the sea of life safely to the next shore. One-on-one Juleann provides a safe, confidential space for people who desire to work privately to advance their spiritual life and go the depth of the ancient knowledge, healing techniques, and life work-out beyond enlightenment.

Juleann invites all to explore the question…If you want something you have never had, why not do something you have never done? Supernatural healing and ancient knowledge that is being seeded for the first time in the west in 2,000 years could be that something new for you. What she teaches is something that most people have never tried in the west. Why not start now?

If you are looking to hire Juleann for a public speaking event, below are some suggested speaking topics:

  1. 7 Simple Soulful Strategies for Success
  2. How to Connect Directly with the Divine
  3. Uncover, Discover, and Grow Divine Power Hidden in You
  4. Vital Tools for Leaders, Teachers and People in Helping Professions
  5. The Highest Tools to Wash Your Blocks to Being the Best You!
  6. Sacred Tools to Increase Efficiency and Creativity (eg: better performance, higher grades in school, generate new ideas)
  7. How to Attract Real Wealth
  8. Health is a Wealth: How to Prevent Illness. Be Healed and Heal.
  9. Love and Above: Soulmates and Beyond
  10. Vaastu (Source of Feng Shui): Changing your Vaastu Changes Your Life
  11. Five Spiritual Weapons
  12. Meditation from the Masters:
    • The Art of Meditation: How to Meditate Most Effectively
    • Personal Mantra
    • Essential Meditations: 3 Top Processes
    • Advanced Meditation Techniques (post-graduate level)

New topics can be can be co-created and tailored from her repertoire.

Juleann teaches large, small, and private audiences from youth to the elderly who are enjoying the stimulating and life changing results from implementing these ancient tools. She has spoken to medical communities, at schools, large and small companies, churches, conferences, retreats, bookstores, annexes, and welcomed for private audiences in people’s homes as well as on a celebrity level. You could be the next one to host her.

Juleann says that meditation with top ancient keys to the highest spiritual and material success has been hidden for thousands of years until now. As the buried treasures in the west are fully unlocked and implemented, the benefits will transform and astound the globe. Science continues to show that meditating can prevent and even cure incurable diseases. Meditating daily is the best medicine for everything as anything can be healed. She believes that one day we will see meditation in every school in our country…and eventually around the globe. Meditating is a first step towards peace. Juleann likes to say, “If we go within, we will never go without”.

Juleann is available to speak publically and coach sincere souls who desire to reach the highest stages on their spiritual path. Juleann has a treasure chest of divine wealth and knowledge and wishes to share these ancient empowering tools with more people to continue to transform countless lives. Who is next? Are you ready to reach out and receive the highest positive growth in your life or community to experience the real bliss and highest happiness?

If you advance your life through one-on-one intuitive coaching with Juleann, your spiritual growth will be ignited. New session times are now available!

If you are interested in booking a session or series of coachings with Juleann or hiring her to speak, please call (310) 869-4617 or email Juleann